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We're working hard to bring you access to the many tutors, programs, classes, and activities that are available in the state of Georgia. Check back in the coming weeks as we continue to receive class and activity submissions. If you or someone you know would like to submit a listing, visit our submission page to get in front of the thousands of homeschoolers that visit our site each month.

Search for Specialty Classes. These are classes geared specifically for homeschoolers that are offered for a cost by a specialty business or service. These classes are often offered during business hours while traditional schools are in session.

Search for a Program/Co-op/Academy. These offer academic or enrichment classes and activities for homeschooled students.  They typically charge for their services and often hire instructors. Requirements vary from program to program, so contact each program for more information.

Search for TutorsTutors are individuals who teach academic or enrichment classes or offer one-on-one tutoring to homeschool students. These individuals charge for the services they offer. Tutoring can encompass a variety of academic subjects, as well as private lessons such a piano, voice, etc.