GHEA is pleased to offer your business or organization an easy and effective way to connect with the Georgia homeschooling community through our Classified Advertising Listing options. Our website currently receives several thousand visits per month, including several hundred individual visits per day.

As a part of our Classified Advertising Listing options, we offer the following four categories and definitions to help you decide which best fits your business or organization. Applications are subject to review and approval, prior to information being published on our website. Listings are valid for one year from date of application. Payment is required at the time of application.

GHEA reserves the right to deny an application or remove an existing listing at our sole discretion, without providing any reason, cause, or justification. In the event an application is not approved, GHEA will issue a refund of payment made upon application.

Tutor Listing

Tutors are individuals who teach academic or enrichment classes or offer one-on-one tutoring to homeschool students.  These individuals charge for the services they offer. Most often, tutors are face-to-face, but may provide their services online. Private tutoring and classes can encompass a variety of academic subjects, as well as private lessons such a piano, voice, etc.

Examples: piano teachers, voice teachers, academic subject tutors (individuals, who may teach in both 1:1 and/or group settings), tennis lessons

Special Introductory Rate for Tutor Listing (one year): $25  $20

Tutors may include up to three locations where services are offered in each Tutor Listing.

GHEA Membership has its privileges!

GHEA Membership includes ONE free Tutor Listing per family membership for tutors who are a part of the immediate family residing at the primary family residence. Your Tutor Listing remains active with membership and expires when membership expires. In the event of more than one tutor per member family, additional Tutor Listings may be purchased at the regular rate. Click here to join GHEA.

Program/Co-op/Academy Listing

A homeschool program, co-op, or academy is a program that offers academic or enrichment classes and activities for homeschooled students.  These programs typically charge for their services and often hire instructors. Enrollment policies and requirements vary from program to program, so contact each program for more information.  While most homeschool programs have a physical location, some may offer their services online.

Examples: academic programs that offer multiple classes (accredited and/or a la carte options), fine arts programs offering multiple classes, non-traditional educational centers (NTECs), online academies offering courses from a distance, fine arts studio offering multi-age level art classes, band programs offering multiple classes and options, etc.

Special Introductory Rate for Program/Co-op/Academy Listing (one year): $100  $80

Programs with multiple site locations may include up to seven locations per listing.

Specialty Classes for Homeschoolers Listing

Classes or services geared specifically for homeschoolers that are offered for a cost by a specialty business or service. These classes are often offered during business hours while traditional schools are in session. Businesses with multiple locations may include up to three locations per listing.

Examples: Gym/Pool who offers homeschool fitness/swimming classes; Martial Arts Studio - homeschool karate classes; Local Professional Theater - homeschool drama classes; Tutoring/Test Preparation/Study Skills Companies

Special Introductory Rate for Specialty Classes for Homeschoolers Listing (one year): $50  $40

Extracurricular/Enrichment Activities Listing

This category is reserved for small, local, not-for-profit organizations, teams, clubs, etc. These organizations may/may not be entirely comprised of homeschoolers, but in all cases welcome homeschoolers to apply or participate. This category includes private schools who welcome homeschoolers to participate on their schools’ sports teams. This category is NOT for businesses that require payment for regular participation.

Examples: sports teams, scout groups, speech/debate clubs, civic organizations, robotics teams, chess clubs, etc.

Extracurricular/Enrichment Activities Listing (one year): $0